About the Vision

Our hormonal system is not only a driver of our inner functionality.

It fires up pheromones into the air and the people around you literally feel your emotions.

When we feel pleasure, we open like a flower.

All the liquids flow more easily in our body, glands are open, we feel light. When we glow with our inner light we do attract abundance. 

Every trauma affects our hormonal system. Because of this our mood goes down easily. Our creativity and power can be distracted or frozen.

Anxiety, depression, low power, low self value are related to stuck emotions like anger, fear, sadness.

When the body is stuck then our food habits change because we don’t want to feel emotions. Same can be with joints or alcohol.


That is followed by bad bacterial flora, organs get stuck and we feel heavy and tired from the moment we wake up.


Going further; stuck emotions affect our posture, leads us to chronical pain and further. And if those emotions were programmed in early childhood than you probably don’t know who you really are. But deep inside you can feel that there is a better life, that there is hidden power in you!


But if you notice some of this in yourself, don’t worry, I was there too!


And with my support we can fix it all and bring you back on trail! I understand human organism and psychic very well as I studied it from many perspectives.

I offer you deep subconscious core beliefs cleaning.

With an use of hypnotherapy we can reach the deepest beliefs.

I’ll take you to the 3 or 6 months adventure where we’re gonna reprogram your subconscious mind to be supportive, bring your life force back and ascend creativity to live in your full potential

To be fulfilled by pleasure in life easily and reach success in private and professional life.

My name is Tom

and self development has been my passion since early years of being.

I traveled around the world gaining knowledge. I did many creative professional jobs as a freelancer, film producer, space designer. I’m:

  • Yoga instructor,
  • masseur,
  • author and
  • Hypnotherapist.