About the Vision

When we feel pleasure, we open like a flower.

My approach to therapy is based on a deep connection with nature, an understanding of animal mechanisms that inspire and help achieve grounding. Take a slow, deep breath and exhale slowly. I love experiencing expansive landscapes and finding harmony within them, which shapes my approach to working with people and life.

The philosophy of Huna, along with my extensive education in art, anatomy, and yoga, forms the foundation of my practice. I specialize in traditional Tantra Yoga, analytical psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, as well as massage and spiritual healing.

In my work, I naturally integrate ancient wisdom with a modern approach to health and healing. My goal is to support others through deep empathy and understanding, infusing each session with the energy of love, clarity, and faith.

I invite you to join me in discovering the path to health and balance, where each step is filled with respect and care for your well-being.

Anxiety, depression, low power, low self value are related to stuck emotions like anger, fear, sadness.

Unlocking the Magic of Synchronization in Life Through Hypnotherapy
In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, finding harmony and balance can often feel like an elusive goal.
The concept of synchronization—when the mind, body, and spirit are in perfect alignment—holds the key to a more fulfilling and cohesive life. Hypnotherapy, a scientifically backed and deeply transformative therapy, offers a powerful method to unlock this magic of synchronization. Here’s how:
Understanding Synchronization
Synchronization refers to a state where all aspects of our being—our thoughts, emotions, physical actions, and energies—are in harmonious alignment.
When we are synchronized, we experience a sense of flow, where life unfolds effortlessly, opportunities arise naturally, and our goals and desires manifest with greater ease.
The Role of the Subconscious Mind
Our subconscious mind is a vast reservoir of thoughts, memories, and emotions that shape our behaviors and perceptions. Often, misalignments in our lives stem from subconscious blocks—deep-seated fears, traumas, or negative beliefs that disrupt our natural state of harmony. Hypnotherapy works by accessing and transforming these subconscious elements.
How Hypnotherapy Facilitates Synchronization:
1. Deep Self-Discovery and Awareness
Hypnotherapy provides a unique pathway to deep self-discovery. Through guided sessions, individuals enter a state of focused relaxation, bypassing the critical conscious mind to access the subconscious. This process unveils hidden beliefs and unresolved emotions, bringing them to the surface where they can be addressed and integrated.
2. Healing Past Traumas
Past traumas, whether big or small, can create significant blocks in our energy flow. Regression therapy, a form of hypnotherapy, allows individuals to revisit and reprocess these past experiences. By releasing the emotional charge associated with these memories, hypnotherapy helps to heal old wounds, paving the way for a more synchronized existence.
3. Enhancing Positive Beliefs and Behaviors
Our beliefs shape our reality. Hypnotherapy enables the reprogramming of negative or limiting beliefs into positive, empowering ones. This cognitive restructuring leads to the development of healthier behaviors and habits, aligning our actions with our true desires and goals.
4. Reducing Stress and Anxiety
Stress and anxiety are significant disruptors of synchronization. Hypnotherapy induces a state of deep relaxation, promoting the release of stress and anxiety. This calming effect helps to balance the nervous system, allowing for better mental, emotional, and physical harmony.
5. Future Self Projection
One unique aspect of hypnotherapy is the ability to project and visualize a future self. By creating a clear, vivid picture of who we want to become, hypnotherapy provides a blueprint for our subconscious to follow. This future self projection serves as a powerful motivator and guide, aligning our present actions with our future aspirations.
The Science Behind Hypnotherapy
Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of hypnotherapy in treating various psychological and physiological issues. Research shows that hypnotherapy can effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and can improve sleep, pain management, and overall well-being. These benefits are achieved through the profound impact hypnotherapy has on the brain’s neural pathways, enhancing neuroplasticity and promoting healing.
Commit to Regular Sessions: Consistency is key. Regular sessions over a few months can lead to significant and lasting changes.

With an use of hypnotherapy we can reach the deepest beliefs.

I’ll take you to the 3 or 6 months adventure where we’re gonna reprogram your subconscious mind to be supportive, bring your life force back and ascend creativity to live in your full potential

To be fulfilled by pleasure in life easily and reach success in private and professional life.

My name is Tom

and self development has been my passion since early years of being.

I traveled around the world gaining knowledge. I did many creative professional jobs as a freelancer, film producer, space designer. I’m:

  • Yoga instructor,
  • masseur,
  • author
  • Hypnotherapist.
  • I have diploma in Art
From earliest moments moments of my life that I remember I was always wondering about architecture of our reality.