I help people achieve their life goals by removing unconscious obstacles.

1:1 therapy & self developement online sessions.

Discover and embrace your authentic identity 

Consciously create the architecture of your reality

Become a master of yourself

I will guide you to

Free yourself by Creating an empowered foundation, grounded in Your new, healthy, belief system.

Polish  and English languages are avaiable

Click! And Link to your full potential

Unleash your creative potential.

We will help you to transform your unconscious beliefs, so you can unlock your creative potential and upgrade life.

Overcome mental blocks

Tom Healer's techniques will help you address any mental barriers that might be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Boost your confidence.

Establish Strong Foundations Within Yourself, Flow Through Life, Thrive in the Fire of Creativity. Close Your Eyes, Take a Deep Breath, and Open Your Eyes as a New Version of Yourself


from Germany

“It was a transformation for me, for my body, for my emotional freedom” 


from Poland

“At the end of therapy, I visited my home country, my hometown. I hadn’t been there for 6 months. And it was a WOW moment, I reacted differently, I didn’t feel such pressure. I am grateful that I went through this process with you, thank you.”


from Japan

“There is something I can not understand. After the session, my body was very light and I moved very quick… Everything seams to feel so right, everything seams to be so easy!”


 from Poland

“My time in hypnotherapy wasn’t just about addressing my issues, but also about getting to know myself better. The sessions had a relaxed vibe, and Tomek’s presence made me feel safe and cared for, which made it easier for me to open up..”